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I was upgrading Windows to 10 and checking the programs to backup. I decided to make a post about these free tools that helped me with my projects. Here is the list of some of my favorite free handy tools for game developers!


Milanote is a great app for taking notes. It’s like a combination of Trello, Google Keep, Pinterest. It’s simple to use, you drag and drop the tools you want to use in your note like checklists, notes, boards, columns, comments, files, etc. It supports many file types and frequently adds new features.


If you want to be more productive (who doesn’t :p) you should definitely check RescueTime. It tracks your day in the background and shows which apps you use, which website you visit, and how much time you spend on them. It’s a bit scary I know but I think it will be very helpful to see how much time you spend on Twitter instead of working.


Grammarly is the best proofreading software, and it has a free version. If you made lots of grammar or spelling mistakes like me, definitely use this app. You can use it on browsers as an extension, Windows Desktop, and Microsoft Office. It’s really simple, and it made the writing process much easier.


Trello is a simple productivity tool in which you can manage your projects and casual plans. It’s a beneficial app for you and your team with many flexible features like creating cards, boards, and listing tasks in terms of monitoring the process. Also, I’m using Trello to manage my daily plans. I have a board named Today with two lists: DO and DONE. It’s simple, but it really helps to track my day.


It’s really important to make the game size as small as possible. Especially when you are making online games, the games should be loaded fast. PNGoo helps you to decrease the size of sprites often as much as 70% without any quality loss. I use it for my all exported images. If you are making high-resolution sprites and you want sharp images even on big screens, you should definitely use this program.

Open Broadcast Software

If you want to record your screen or make a live stream of your game development process with good quality and decent fps rate, Open Broadcast Software is what you need. I use it to record previews of my games (720p 60 fps) and upload them to YouTube.


You have probably heard of Audacity if you ever searched any about editing or recording sounds. It’s a really powerful sound editor with lots of options for your audio files. I use it to decrease noises, adjusting sounds, decreasing the size of files, and making background music loops.


Lightshot is the most simple and useful tool I’ve ever used for taking and sharing screenshots. You can take a screenshot of each corner of your screen by just selecting the area. It doesn’t only save the images, but also uploads them and copy the link to the clipboard. You will save tons of effort and time for sure!


On Twitter, everybody loves GIFs. If you are making a game, you should not just share your game with static images. You can use GifCam to record the selected area on the screen as a gif. It is a good way to show your game progress and animations. Don’t forget the tags, too! There are some cool indie game bots on Twitter that help your tweet to spread.

Tiled Map Editor

If you are looking for a tilemap editor, this is the best option. Like the other programs on the list, it helps you to create maps much easier. With a few sprites, you can have a good-looking level setting. You can also set collision areas or positions for spawning objects. When you finished your level, you can export it as a .tmx file and use it on your engine.


XnViewMP like Picassa, but with a gif play option. You can browse your reference images/animations, and convert them. You can also use this tool to rate your images and organize your references. It supports more than 500 formats and I didn’t even know there is that much media format. I’m using this program to arrange all my media files.

Give Your Fonts Mono

I use Give Your Fonts Mono for almost every project to create sprite fonts. You simply select a font that on your computer then it creates a PNG and JSON file of it to use on Construct 2. I recommend using sprite fonts other than real fonts because it loads faster and sometimes clients may want the fonts as sprites.


Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. You don’t need to have any coding skills to use it, but you can also expand it with your CSS and Javascript skills. Other than exporting your interactive stories, I think it may also help you to organize your game stories and player decisions.

Please feel free to leave a comment below and mention any free tools that help you with your projects. If you want to see more posts like this, please share the post and make sure you’ve followed me on Twitter.

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  1. andrea Reply

    really that impress me
    helped a lot
    about pngoo you use it before you export the project (at importing the png to construct2)
    or once you export then you compress all png files in the images folder ?

  2. Carlos Mota Reply

    Awesome thanks I love the sprite compressor it will really help

  3. Kawika Mallonee Reply

    Cool, helpful list! I’d add a few things to it, mainly Blender:

    A lot of people don’t yet realize that Blender has a powerful video editor built into it. It takes a moment to learn but it ranks up there with the pro video editors. And it can be used to edit videos exported from Open Broadcaster.

    I’d also add OcenAudio:

    It’s faster than Audacity, easier to use and looks better. Only thing it’s missing is advanced noise reduction, but we’ll see if that gets built soon.

    Altogether, that was a nice list. Great to see Twine added too, I never thought about it’s potential for just mocking up stories. Great idea. :)

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      Awesome comment Kawika! Thank you!

      I didn’t know OcenAudio and Blender’s video editor. OcenAudio looks nice and clean. I will definitely try it.
      Blender’s video editor is also a really cool tip. It’s hard to find a decent video editor for free without any limitation.

  4. Jazmin Reply

    I do not know how to work with teas can you help me bilge kaan

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