Introduction #

Thank you for purchasing Super Platformer Engine! I will update the engine and add new things time to time. If you have any suggestions about the engine, you can write them on its Scirra Store Thread. If you have any questions, comments, offers or bug reports, you can always mail me. For more, you can follow me on twitter and subscribe the website.

If you didn’t purchase it yet, you can play the demo and buy this template here:

Changelog #


  • Fixed wall jump / attack bug.
  • Added touch controls.
  • Added melee attack.


  • Fixed ladder bugs (animation, mirror, attack).
  • Fixed BowPoint search.
  • Replaced ParticleWH with Official Particle.
  • Added Facebook/Twitter share.
  • Added multiple triggered moving platform support.


  • Fixed walking mirror bug.
  • Fixed melee attack and walking bugs on ice.
  • Fixed underwater melee attack bug.


  • Removed 3rd party plugins from C3 version.

Controls #

Player Controls: Movement: Arrow Keys – Jump: Up Key – Attack Bow : X – Attack Melee: Z – Roll: C (Press C while running.) Player has wall-jump, too. When player in water, it enables double jump. You can fall through pressing Down Key on fall through platforms. While player is rolling, he can dodge.

Navigation: You can use ‘<‘  ‘?’  ‘>’ buttons on right top corner. ‘>’ for next, ‘?’ for info about current layout, ‘<‘ for back.

Credits #

Thank you lunarray for Lite Tween, Rex for MoveTo and Zigzag, Someone for Skend.

Fonts:  04b-03b.font   04b-25.font


LEVEL 1 - Overview #

Player: idle, run, roll, jump, fall, wall-jump, climb, bow attack.

Tileset: 16×16 32 Tiles. They are pretty much all you will need.

UI: Score and HP bar. They are functional.

Smooth Camera: It fallows the player smoothly.

Moving Platform: It toggles the moving when player jump on it.

Ladder: When player presses ‘Down Key’ while climbing, he falls through.

Bow: When a bow collides to solid, it shakes a bit to look more realistic.

Water: Water has some special effects and its own layer. When player jumps into water, spawns splash animation. And create bubble particles when player is in water.

Flies: Flies are really cool fellas moving randomly in a small range.

Torch: Made with different particles make fire more natural.

Long Living Grass: They are alive and when player or a bow collides them they response.

Other: Rocks, plain grass, grass with flowers, bridge.


LEVEL 2 - Moving Platforms #

Moving Platform 1  Toggles when player jump on it and moves horizontally. It is solid.

Moving Platform 2: Toggles when player jump on it and moves vertically. It is solid.

Moving Platform 3: They are moving automatically and Jumpthru. We have square, triangle, vertical an horizontal but you can make pretty much all shapes.


LEVEL 3 - Elements #

Ice: Player can’t  start running or stop easily.

Fire: It hurts the player. But you can dodge them with rolling.

Mushroom: Makes player jump higher.

Spikes: They damage the player. But you can dodge them with rolling.

Weak Blocks: When player is on them, they start falling.

LEVEL 4 - Objects #

Player should shoot them to open.

Boxes: There are three types of them : spawns coin, heart or explosion with fire.

Treasure: It spawns bigger coin.

Bomb: Spawns explosion and fire.

Coins: They spin and shine. Their values depend on their sizes. It has cool collecting effect.

Hearts: They shine and gives player 1UP. It has cool collecting effect.



LEVEL 5 - Enemies #

Bat: It sleeps. If they see player they chase. After attacking they get back and wait player’s flashing ends.

Slime: It jumps randomly. When they saw the player chase and try to jump on him.

Patrolling: It patrols in given range.

Level 6 - Touch Control #

Touch Controls : Arrows : Movement  / Y: Melee Attack / A: Bow Attack  / B : Roll