Selling Non-Exclusive HTML5 Games

Actually, I have never tried to sell non-exclusive HTML5 games before. I was always stick with one client (Spill Games) exclusively in the previous year. So, I don’t have  so many publisher contacts. Hope, it’ll be built with time.  I’m planning to share my progress in this blog, if there will be any.

Currently, I have one game available for licensing, but I’m going to make new games every two weeks or so. I will also share some tutorials and free sources in this blog. If you’re interested, you can get news by following my twitter and subscribe to this blog.

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  1. Mansoor Reply

    Hi . Do you still sell your liscenses to spil games ? Are they still willing to buy html5 games this year around ?


    • Bilge Kaan Reply


      I haven’t sell any license to them since last year. They’re still publishing new games on their portals.

  2. Andre Caetano Reply

    ” I’m planning to share my progress”

    What’s your progress?
    Make an post-review i would like to know..

      • Andre Caetano Reply

        Thanks for the quick answer.
        Btw ,i found this topic by searching “exclusive vs non-exclusive html5 games” on google on first link.
        I thought you want to know this. Maybe you already know from GA.
        Since you have both experience in exclusive and non-exclusive. It’s a good idea write something about it.

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