4 Ways to Make Money With HTML5 Games

When I  renewed my website last year, I added this blog section and told that I will share my progress but I did not. Well, I’m a shitty blogger. However, after I got some emails and comments I thought that it’s time to share my experiences about making money with HTML5 games.

I know there are many other ways to make money with HTML5 games like publishing them on mobile platforms with ads and in-app purchases etc. but I want to talk about the ones works for me.

Freelance HTML5 Games

At first, I didn’t like working as a freelance game developer because my first jobs were boring and I wasn’t paid well. But now, I get really nice freelance jobs and have awesome clients always have new game ideas.

Making freelance games is great because you get a chance to work on different kind of games. You have an opportunity to try different things to find a solution for the problems you have never encountered with. I think this is the best way to learn lots of new things and be productive. But as we all know, when you get a freelance job you should do what client says. This may make you feel like you are limited. So in order to have fun, you should prefer freelance games which are more fun to make.

Another important point is that you should negotiate with clients to make sure the price will be fair for both sides. Consider all offers as a chance to learn and improve your skills, not just a way to make money. Otherwise, you won’t have fun.

Making freelance games were my best way to make money in 2015. So I’m planning to write a more detailed post about freelance HTML5 games. Do not forget to subscribe and  follow me on twitter if you like to learn more about it.

HTML5 Game Templates

I’ve started making money with sharing templates on stores like Codecanyon or Scirra Store. This is the best way for a beginner to start earning money. Templates are easy to create so you can make money while trying and learning lots of things.

If you want to get more serious about what you are doing, I really recommend making some market research. Before I’ve made Super Platformer Engine for Scirra Store, I’d checked Game Maker Store and realized that platformer templates were the best sellers. So, I made a really good package for platformer template and put it on Scirra Store. It’s the top rated item and second most seller now on Scirra Store.

Exclusive HTML5 Games

I haven’t made any exclusive games like two years. In 2014, I was just making exclusive games and licensing them to Spil Games. They were planning to invest 5 million dollars in HTML5 games at that time so they were paying a good amount of money for exclusive HTML5 games. Now the market is a bit lower, but still a good way to make money if you like to make your own games without any deadlines. In previous years, you could make fewer quality games and have a great chance to license them. But now, you need more polished and featured games to find a publisher. I’ve talked with some other HTML5 game developers that sell exclusive licenses recently and seems like the current average is around 3k USD.

Non-Exclusive HTML5 Games

While I was selling exclusive games I always think how much I would make if I go with non-exclusive deals. So I opened this website and tried to sell small non-exclusive games. That was the least profitable option for me comparing to other methods above.

I think If you find good exclusive deals, just take it. For some cases, you might make lots of money from your non-exclusive HTML5 games, but you need to do lots of marketing. So if you want to focus making good games other than business and marketing, you better license your game exclusively. Since there’re so many cheap and small games on stores, the chance of selling non-exclusive licenses of your simple HTML5 games is low.

I know this is not detailed enough to describe that topic. I already said that I will write a more detailed post about making freelance HTML5 games, feel free to suggest new post ideas. Please also leave a comment below if you want to share any of your experiences and advice. Make sure you follow me on twitter and do not forget to subscribe!

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  1. Andre Caetano Reply

    @bilge witch one is better in your opinion. Codecanyon or Scirra?

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      If you’re selling completed game you should use Codecanyon. But if you’re going to make a template that helps Construct 2 users to build a game from it, Scirra’s market is better. I think making a template that helps C2 users is much better and profitable.

      • Andre Caetano Reply

        I will study the C2 and the GM. Since they both have this market feature.
        Thanks for the reply

  2. Andre Caetano Reply

    I tried to sell my game to spil games, they don’t even reply my email.
    I heads up my game to fgl.com

    On more feedback question.
    What’s the proportion of your sells in Codecanyon between regular and extend licenses?

    I’m waiting for your post about freelancing, because i think the biggest issue in freelance is find costumers.

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      I think the ratio is something like %95 regular %5 extended.

      Let me know if you get any offers in FGL.

  3. Ousaf Reply

    I liked your “Octopus Adventure” game. It’s simple but equally it has high quality. How you find freelance work because It’s really very tired process to find work on such sites.

  4. Pela Reply

    Great article. To work as freelancer do you open a profile on elance or freelancer.com? thanks!

  5. mizokidsgames Reply

    Thanks for sharing the information, i am actually applied for too many HTML5 affiliate website(s) but the revenue is too low even if there is clicks and impressions. ):

  6. xandecamanho Reply

    Thanks for the article. I was thinking while reading that maybe the non-exclusive licenses could be good for begginers in the market.. Right? As a suggestion to improve the post or make another more detailed, you could add information about some of these exclusive and non exclusive publishers, and how to find them, and/or tips on getting a game accepted.
    Anyway, it was information to start with! =]

  7. kizifan Reply

    I’m not an expert in the field but it seems to be minor or simple games with pretty graphics. Examples would be flappy bird, 2048, or tetris. This involves targeting the working/studying demographic as that seems to be profitable. Aiming for html5 games that work on mobile device browsers will probably give you a good income.

  8. cemal Reply

    Merhabalar Bilge Kaan. Ben uzun zamandır oyun grafikleri yapıyorum. bir süre önce Construct 2 ile çalışmaya başladım. Amacım Kendi oyunlarımı satabilmek markette yayınlamak vs. Fakat pazarı araştırırken şöyle bir ikileme düştüm, oyun yazmayı öğrenmeye devam mı etmeliyim yoksa oyun grafikleri mi satmalıyım..? daha önce ürünlerimi pazarlamayı hiç denememiştim, admob ve adsense üzerinden kazanıyordum.

  9. Victor Reply

    Thank you for sharing some insight!
    I’m finishing my first game (non-exclusive) but I still have a bit of doubt on the legal end of things. I’m based in Brazil, but will receive payments from abroad. Hopefully I will also create a blog and share what those little quirks might look like since relevant content on this is just scarce!

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