FREE HTML5 Game Templates and Graphics

Hey Guys!

I’ve decided to make HTML5 Game Templates and Graphics giveaway .

Everyone subscribes the website will get a random Template or Graphics!

Here is the list of what you may get.

Please don’t forget to share or leave a comment! I will give 2 random items for each if the subscriber count passes 1k.

Also you can follow me on twitter for a chance to get an extra item!

I can’t see WP followers mail adresses. If you didn’t get an item in a week please mail me!

Giveaway is over. Make sure to follow me on twitter so you won’t miss the next one and other cool stuff!

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  1. Carlos Mota Reply

    I’m actually telling people to follow don’t know if they well but I’m trying

  2. gking Reply

    Awesome! I have purchased ‘super-platformer-engine’, hoping to send me the other template!

  3. nicolacastellani00 Reply

    Hei ! Thanks for your work your projects are awesome !

  4. Pudgy Platypus Games (@pudgyplatypus) Reply

    Your work is always great for reference, so more than happy to follow ya! I currently have your Platformer template and it has helped immensely! Thanks!

  5. magenta Reply

    really like the game template and the website
    will share it with my friend
    thanks a lot

  6. clockworkmediadev Reply

    I hope I get my free item soon, cause I submitted my email address yesterday, and still nothing :(

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      Sorry but I’m sending the Redeem Codes manually so it could take some time.

  7. magenta Reply

    @Bilge Kaan
    me too .. i did not got the item
    but since the template are free so don’t worry … just wait
    maybe Bilge Kaan is busy
    so wait and see

    @Bilge Kaan
    i have friends like html5 games .. can i share the link with them

    and like your games specially Stay on the road and One plus Two
    really awesome

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      Thanks! Sure you can share with your friends and I really appreciate it!

  8. virturs Reply

    Thank you very much, finally i get a redeem code. More success always

  9. andrea Reply

    nice move like the website
    @bilge kaan
    suggest you that you create some usefull blog about HTML5 like performance tips and tricks and we discuss about that and share our experiences

  10. andrea Reply

    i have purchased super platformer very nice
    hope i will get don’t crash or pop up … i like pop up

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  12. PY Reply

    Hi Bilge! First of all thanks for the freebies. I received the Panda Love template, but for some reason I couldn’t run the layout (the run layout icon is greyed). I’m running on the licensed, beta release r207 version.

      • Bilge Kaan Reply

        Hey, You’re welcome mate! I’m glad to hear that you figured out, thanks for letting me know.

  13. aliengames2015 Reply

    I Subscribed from 3 wordpress accounts and haven’t gotten my email on the freebies. Above it said “I can’t see WP followers mail adresses. If you didn’t get an item in a week please mail me”! I was wondering how will I get my freebies for those three accounts.

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      Hey, Thanks for being a subscriber.

      Please mail me, you can find my mail on contact page.

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      The giveaway is over but there’ll be more so please make sure to subscribe!

  14. Tfahami Reply

    Your Templates look really cool, I hope i get one soon! My favorit is Pixel Slime, it looks really cool!

  15. peter Reply

    I kaan only now i subscribe do you still gona give some random templates? Thanks for resp in the other day. really great templates you’re great

  16. june Reply

    really good website and i like specially the tools you suggest really very usefull
    however i’m so excited for the free template

  17. Bruno Reply

    The platformer pack looks really nice! Cool pixel art and animations! I’ll definitely follow u

  18. zakky roshan Reply

    hello i was an old follower but still i have never get any single free assets mails why is that pleas help me

  19. Jake Walls Reply

    Thanks dude!!! I just shared this website to about 20 people who I know are also interested in html5 games!!!

  20. Ryan Prinsloo Reply

    Wow that’s awesome, is this still availiable. Where do I subscribe?

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