Free Game Assets

Here are the free game assets from my abandoned Construct 2 projects. Feel free to use as you want. It’s not necessary to credit, but highly appreciated.

-Files are not commented or well-organized. If you need help, you can ask via comment section below.

If you want more Game Templates and Graphics you can visit the Store.


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  1. Byron Reply

    hello bilge on packages that do not download the game where the big sun appears appears and I would also like to know how to create lines Ship game so create more different levels, waiting for your prompt response.

    • Bilge Kaan Reply

      Hi Byron!

      In the package some games just have art files.

      About the space game, for new levels, you can make a shape and assign image ponts its every corner. The ship tracks those points. If you open the lines object’s frames, you can see in Image Points that how I arrange those points like a path.

  2. Carlos Mota Reply

    This is amazing stuff really got me inspired to create new things.

  3. Brew Reply

    Hi Bilge, thanks for the great package. I’m tinkering with the esc.capx in this bundle and I was wondering if you could spare some time to help me: the text box is reflecting ‘frames per second’ on default. I would like to change the text to reflect the height attained from each jump (sort of like the ‘score’ of the player). Tried setting it to Player’s Y-position, but as the character slides down so does the value (-_-‘). Appreciate your assistance.

  4. peter Reply

    I Bilge Kaan, can you leave some capx exempel of stick ninja, like the image you have on top with the red sun sorry my ingles. Tanks

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